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Who Am I?

Hi y'all! I'm Bobby, and I am a postbac psychology researcher at Stanford University. I am the current Lab Manager in the Language & Cognition Lab with Prof. Michael Frank. I graduated from Stanford in 2022 with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems concentrated in Cognitive Science. As an undergrad, I was an Honors Student and Undergrad RA in the Social Learning Lab with Prof. Hyowon Gweon and Aaron Chuey.

Research Interests

There is vast variability across and within individuals' developmental ecology (our environment and our relationship to it). How do we account for this ecological variability in development? Broadly, I am interested in how our cognitive and social development are informed by our ecological context. More specifically, I am interested in how adversity, our ecology (context + connection), and cognition interact to shape development and impact well-being. How do adaptations in our cognition arise differentially across contexts? How are relationships and interpersonal beliefs & behaviors impacted by our context? What are the cognitive and ecological contributions to variability in the effects of adversity and intervention outcomes? What mechanisms support early learning, resilience, and positive functioning across diverse contexts? I hope to approach these questions using a combination of behavioral and computational methods in children and adults.

"My Village"

As a First-Generation college graduate and researcher forever trying to find my way in this field, I feel so grateful to have been supported by a network of such brilliant, kind, and inspiring mentors, collaborators, and peers. "It takes a village", and I owe so much to my village for teaching and uplifting me. Forever celebrating and thanking my village: Aaron Chuey, Hyowon Gweon, Michael Frank, Bria Long, Virginia Marchman, Veronica Boyce, Alvin Tan, Rebecca Zhu, Aneesa Conine-Nakano, Sarah Tung, Joseph Outa, Grace Keene, Fredo Ornelas, & Mar Lacsamana