I was born and raised in Illinois, and spent most of my time growing up in Plainfield. I was frequently between two households, one with my single father and another with my mother, stepfather, older half-brother, and younger half-sister. After my mother and stepfather divorced, I spent far less time with my father and was moved between 5 homes over a 6-year period between elementary school and early high-school. These transitions were also paired with concerns about financial security, my family’s well-being, and my sexuality. The turbulence, tension, and underlying causes of these transitions often felt impairing, but I was still able to grow into a young adult who had many close friends, could care for himself & others, often worked a job while taking advanced classes, and “succeeded” enough to end up at Stanford University as a First-Generation college student. My “model” of the world looks very different from others’ models (and vice-versa), so how do we learn from and adapt to our unique circumstances? My personal context informs many of my interests and guides my approach to my work: one that is compassionate, authentic, and in-service of my communities and others who have also wanted life to feel even just a li’l less heavy.

Other Fun Facts

Personal Interests

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Music: And I mean listening, I have absolutely no musical talent to speak to! Beyoncé is my number 1, I love her music and love getting to experience her art (attended Formation World Tour in May 2016 and Renaissance in August 2023). Other music favs: Dermot Kennedy, Chloe, FLO, Doja Cat, Omar Apollo, Jazmine Sullivan, & Jeremy Zucker.

Cooking: My mother and father have always been incredible cooks, and from an early age I wanted to be a chef (though, my grandmother told me this was only a hobby). I (and most of my immediate family) take great pride in cooking and enjoy trying and improvising new recipes. Perhaps my favorite form of relaxation :)

Movies & Shows: Big Little Lies, The Boys, The Real HouseWives, Vanderpump Rules, Modern Family, Horror Movies (Jeepers Creepers, A NightMare on Elm Street, Halloween, Get Out, The Menu, House of Wax), Pretty Little Liars, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Small Soldiers, Shrek 2

Childhood Favorites: Power Rangers, Pokémon, Elmo, Barney, Scooby Doo, Krypto the Superdog, Max & Ruby, Bakugan, Strawberry Shortcake, Kid Cuisine, Naruto, Furby